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We manufacture enormous range of aluminium extrusions for architectural needs. It could be bespoke custom-made extrusions or ready to use standard extrusions,
Cantrex Limited can manufacture to the desired standards and quality.
Architectural systems serve as frames from small shop front to curtain walling systems for high rise buildings. Aluminium is materials that is lower in weight and possess the high environmental stability and extraordinary durability without any maintenance or repair.

The various possibilities are façade – Curtain wall systems, Entrance doors, Interior partition, All glass look facades, Sky lights and various solar shades that help you to accentuate the building architecture to modern level.

These systems are available in Mill finish, Anodised ,Powder coated and Wood grain Finish

Minimum ordering Quantity 500 lbs

windows and doors

Aluminium Extrusions are excellent source for doors and windows. Doors and windows allow the sunlight to enter into buildings and at the same time protecting the building from outside weather and elements. Doors and Windows enhances the aesthetics , strength and durability of the building
Cantrex Limited offers extensive range of Doors and windows to the discerning customers offering practical value to the residential and commercial building.  The choices are Entrance doors, Fully opening doors, Sliding doors, Patio doors, single pan windows and double pan windows in Sliding, Casement, Sash, Awning windows, Bay windows and many more to the need of the designer.

Not only Cantrex Limited offers straight line collection but also round and contour profiles to match the traditional and contemporary requirement that are sought by the architect and interior designer.
Cantrex Limited offers new generation of energy efficient designs.  All doors and windows system offer increased levels of thermal insulation, noise reduction, and resistance to wind loads and water penetration, while ensuring the usual high standards with regard to aesthetic appearance and long-lasting performance. Feel free to ask for custom made extrusions of your design.

Minimum Qty 500 lbs.

hardware and aluminium extrusions of general shapes

Cantrex Limited manufactures the most extensive and diverse inventory of standard structural and general shapes of aluminium for the needs of hardware. From small pencil to a width of 6.8”width  we can  manufacture e aluminium profiles you need.

General shape extrusions
•Flat bars
•General Bars
•Tubes Round, Square, Rectangular, Fluted, oval and Irrigation
•Channels and Tees
•Angles equal and unequal
•H and C sections  

Home improvements

Imagination is the key to create many of the need. Aluminium products are not only light weight corrosion resistant but also durable for life time. The products are eco friendly and has the resale value when you are demolishing unlike many other products. Door Accessories like tower bolt, hasp, Aldrops, hinges.
•Latch, hasp and Staple
•Awnings and Storm shutters
•Handles sections
•Fences , Rails and  Wall facings
•Curtain rods, Shower rods, shower enclosures
•Partitions systems
•Modular furniture and Kitchen cabinets
•Threshhold, edgings and trimmers
•Ladders and Wall ceilings
•Foot steps and miscellaneous sections
  Minimum Qty 500 lbs.

Industry systems


New electrical and hybrid   automobiles with the stringent emission standards are pushing the increased use of aluminium as it enables structural strength to be retained whilst reducing crucial weight help  Aluminium extrusions allow the thermal management and for expected super charging stations aluminium extrusions will be used.

Mass Transit systems

In the next generation of transit systems aluminium extrusions will be extensively used whether it is metro Rail or Hydraulic Buses. Aluminium creates these vehicles by 12 to 15% lighter and saves the cost of life time running by 25%

mages: Sumitomo Corp of America, Altair ProductDesign

Solar Sections

With the increased awareness of the renewable power, solar photo voltic farms require aluminium extrusions. Solar Aluminium Panel due to mallaeablity of aluminium provides the necessary flexibility in the design and support .Photo Voltic panel frames, mounting profiles and different shapes can be produced by Cantrex. Aluminium extrusions are ideal for solar frames because of the heat bearing capabilities, non corrosive properties and weather resistant advantages with free maintenance capabilities

Aluminium extrusions are used effectively in intricate designs for industry. Due to malleability of the aluminium it has found uses in  transportation electronics, automotive, mass transit, bridge decking, telecommunications, solar/renewable energy industries, Space  and more.


Due to advantages of strength to weight ratio, aluminium extrusion are ideal for transmission housings. Engines, roof rails, chassis of cars, bus, trucks, railway and sub cars boats and also for the bodies.


In the data storage cabinets to digital amplifies and data communication devices the aluminium extrusion finds the usage fully in digital audio amplifiers, heat sinks of computers, data cable trunkings, measurement tools, Also T slots for best enclosures of any kind of portable devices.  Available in varieties of colours of Powder colours.


Road Infrastructure 

Aluminium extrusions have been in use from 1933 in bridge and it has been increasing with a complexity of project requirement.  Government and municipalities finding the reason to use aluminium extrusion to support the increased load of modern traffic,  the deficiency of concrete design in weathering have increased the use of aluminium in bridges, guard rails  and barricades of the roads due to low maintenance.

Image courtesy: aluminium association of Canada


Aluminium Sign

Aluminium Sign Sections are used in a variety of signage
applications from safety signs to exhibition stands and lightboxes. We supply our Aluminium Sign Sections in different lengths (see table below) with the option to ‘cut-to-size’. Typical uses for Aluminium Sign Sections include:

  • Safety signage (Emergency exit etc.)
  • Exhibition stands
  • Lightbox signage
  • General signage applications
  • Digital signage
  • Moving sign applications

LED lighting signage


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